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wondering how i colored this icon?
ron/hermione full icon tutorial
from this->Image hosted by
to this->Image hosted by

all of my gradients are made by crumblingwalls
i made this in ps cs 2, but im sure it will work the same in ps 7 and ps cs.
psp, im not sure how that would translate.
im explaining every step once (like, how exactly to sharpen etc) for beginners, but when used again i will just say "sharpen"
Anyways. so we start be this cap by teh_indy
Image hosted by
cropped it to 100x100 (with no harry of course. not that we don't like him..just not now. third wheel boy.)
layre->duplicate layer
duplicate layer
screen-i think maybe 60%?
layer->flatten image
sharpen twice
duplicate the layer again,
filter->blur->gausian blur at 0.7
set that layer to soft light, opacity 100%
flatten image. (and thats how i make most of my bases. weee)
Image hosted by
duplicate layer, image->adjustments->desaturate (it defines the picture more)
set layer to soft ligth, opacity 100%
Image hosted by
(another coool thing to do that brings out shadows is layers->new adjustment layer->colors put on "blacks" and pull up the blacks knob)
layer->new fill layer->solid color
blend mode:multiply
color:a light reddish orange, like #fb9189 for example*
i loooveee mulitply color layers.
Image hosted by
layer->new fill layer->gradient
Image hosted by
blend mode:hard light (my p ersonal favorite. i think almost all of my recent icons have hardlight gradients)
Image hosted by
new gradient layer
Image hosted by
blend mode:overlay
(sorry. no pic here)
new gradient layer
hard light once again (YAYYY!)
a bright reddish gradient(because i love red.) on a lowish opacity*
Image hosted by

and we have the picture. mostly.
now here is how i made the border. thingy.
flatten image so we can copy and paste it to our delight.

i decided i didn't want to just resize the picture, instead i set the selection tool to width:10 height:100 and deleted part of the icon by Ron.
100x100, white
fill it with black.
paste the picture on to the new black. thing.
many people will say "don't put it in the center!!!"
well screw them.
leave it in the center.
now, as you can tell the border looks a teensssy bit different from the icon-to-come
Image hosted by
so, this is what makes the icon a little bit different, and its super simple. not completely necessary, but i like it
layer->new layer
set the selection tool to width:3 height:100
select half border and half of the picture. well, not too much of the border. you'll get what im saying.
select a color with your color select tool from the picture(like rons head or something) and fill the selected area with that color.
do the same on the other side of the border. looks dumb, right? well silly, set the layer blend mode to color burn.
voila, you have a border. i then added a sort of brush thing on hard light, ask if you really want to know. and i came up with some really clever text. "love". (in "cursif")so instead i saved one as blank because i suck at words. (and a pictures worth a thousand words..right? and a thousand is sooo much better than one)
Image hosted by
comments appreciated.
and please ask if i didn't specify something, im trying to make this icon doable by beginners.

*i really don't want you to copy my tutorial step by step. which you wouldn't, right? right. so theres no problem.
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