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Gilmore Girls:24
The OC:6
Harry Potter:13

literati fan? icon fan? check out rj_challenge...please :) ill give you cookies.

Gilmore Girls
01.Image hosted by 02. Image hosted by Photobucket.com03.

04.Image hosted by 05.Image hosted by 06.Image hosted by

07.Image hosted by 08. Image hosted by Photobucket.com09.Image hosted by

10.Image hosted by 11.Image hosted by 12.Image hosted by

13.Image hosted by 14.Image hosted by 15.Image hosted by

16.Image hosted by 17. Image hosted by Photobucket.com18.Image hosted by

19.Image hosted by 20. Image hosted by Photobucket.com21. Image hosted by

22.Image hosted by 23.Image hosted by 24. Image hosted by
Harry Potter

25.Image hosted by 26.Image hosted by 27.Image hosted by

28.Image hosted by 29.Image hosted by 30.Image hosted by

31.Image hosted by 32.Image hosted by 33. Image hosted by

34.Image hosted by 35.Image hosted by 36.Image hosted by

37.Image hosted by
The OC
38.Image hosted by 39. Image hosted by

40.Image hosted by 41.Image hosted by 42.Image hosted by

43.Image hosted by

notes:in number 13, the text is "how long can a girl be haunted by you" from Flinch by Alanis Morissette
i just think thats important..even though i made it illegable.
for 32,33, and 37-i do notice that no one really ships harry and parvarti. but i love parvarti, and in the movies so far theres no one i like harry with so the two of them together just brings parvarti out more

CREDIT me please. i really haven't been credited lately, but I don't want to be a pain in the neck-but I would appreciate it if you please credited. i won't curse you or anything, but it would be nice.
comments are not required (because thats lame) but i like them. a lot.
NO HOTLINKING baahhh! i absolutely despise this. what is hotlinking?
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these are beautiful!

i'm taking #5,15, and 42.
will definitely credit.

thank you so much :) enjoyy

i love all; gorgeous icons especially the harry potter ones :D
25, 28, 31 & 38, 42.
who is dancing in 32-33?
thank you!
its harry&parvati at the yule ball :)
a fellow rory/jess shipper and a ron/hermione shipper? awesome!!

love them!
are there any other ships?
:) im glad you like them
i love the colours of these =)
thanks so much!
I really like the way that you colored the #29 :D saved also #26 and #15. I'll credit you when I use them, thanks!

(sorry for my bad english :/)
bad english??
thank you:))))
#29 &hearts Will credit!
enjoy it :)
31, 32, 42. Thanks!♥
your welcome, enjoy :)
Ok, I'm literally in love with your stuff!
Grabbing some R/J and HP icons! They're all really lovely! Thanks for sharing :D
thank you so much!
best ships:)
I snagged 38, 39, 42, and 43. :D
credit when used
very very nice... i have a question for you? where did you get the round, disks of light texture thing, like in #3,6,7.

very very beautiful by the way, but i think i already said that =)
thankyou very much
i think they're from awmp and colorfilter


11 years ago

enjoy :)
Snagged no.38 and 42 Thanks
you're welcome:)
took #42. really nice! will credit (:
im glad you liked it:)
Took 29. Will credit. Thanks!
Snagging #'s 10, 12, 14, 17, 18, 21, 24, and 29. *sigh* It is impossible for me to come out of a post form you empty-handed. It's like a free book sale or people just randomly throwing candy/cookies in the streets. *must take, free, more more*

I heart you.
:) thank you for commenting everyt ime i can remember posting icons-the (few) good, the bad, and the ugly :) im so glad you like them
Beautiful! Snagging #33, 38 and 42. Great job!!!!
thank you! enjoy

I love the Milo ones, lovely work! *^^* Taking 1, 14, 17 and 20, will credit! Thank you!!
you're welcome--im glad you like them :)
beautiful! And so many ^-^
nomming 15 and 17 at gg_awards
thanks so much! :)
26 & 32. Gracias. :)
your welcome :)
Took 4, 9, 10 - will credit. They're all lovely though.
thank you :)
nomming #8 @ gg_awards
wow, thanks :)
Snagging/Nominating #10 & 24 @ gg_awards
thanks so much!
*dies over 41* saved 41 and will credit
im glad you like it :) enjoy
Oooooh, these are sooooo beautiful! Taking a few! Will credit!
im glad you like them :)
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