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Snagging #'s 10, 12, 14, 17, 18, 21, 24, and 29. *sigh* It is impossible for me to come out of a post form you empty-handed. It's like a free book sale or people just randomly throwing candy/cookies in the streets. *must take, free, more more*

I heart you.
:) thank you for commenting everyt ime i can remember posting icons-the (few) good, the bad, and the ugly :) im so glad you like them
Beautiful! Snagging #33, 38 and 42. Great job!!!!
thank you! enjoy

I love the Milo ones, lovely work! *^^* Taking 1, 14, 17 and 20, will credit! Thank you!!
you're welcome--im glad you like them :)
beautiful! And so many ^-^
nomming 15 and 17 at gg_awards
thanks so much! :)
26 & 32. Gracias. :)
your welcome :)
Took 4, 9, 10 - will credit. They're all lovely though.
thank you :)
nomming #8 @ gg_awards
wow, thanks :)
Snagging/Nominating #10 & 24 @ gg_awards
thanks so much!
*dies over 41* saved 41 and will credit
im glad you like it :) enjoy
Oooooh, these are sooooo beautiful! Taking a few! Will credit!
im glad you like them :)
nomming 12 at gg_awards :)
thank you so much!

Deleted comment

your welcome :)
snagging 43 will credit when used.
enjoy :)
These are gorgeous!

AND I TOTALLY SHIP HARRY/PARVATI. It is one of my favourite ships, I think they're adorable together :D But people are mostly H/G shippers, which is sad. H/P rock! :p
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